Between 3.0

Sneak Peek

We’ve made some changes to improve the Between experience for you and your partner.


Make your private space more special for the both of you.

Customize your home screen to be more romantic with a variety of decoration tools.


A better look for you and your partner’s profiles

With more customizable features on the profile page, have fun creating better profiles for each other to view!

03 Weather

Check the weather forecast to plan the perfect date

Make plans in advance with the week-long weather forecast. Always be prepared. Honey, don’t forget your umbrella!

04 Time Machine

A glimpse back into the past

Reminisce about every love story between the both of you, as you revisit those shared moments.

05 Our activity

Understanding your communication level

See the trends in your communication with recent statistics on your messages and moments.


Bigger room for more memories

Store and view your memories with a bigger and wider layout.


Easier organization of photos and memos

The first date, a special adventure, a walk in the woods… Organize your memories into convenient folders.

Memory Replay

Playback of the memories created together

Look back on your memories like a movie as you press ‘Play’ in the new Memory Box.

Between Chat

More meaningful and fun conversations

Express yourselves better to each other with additional Merry Between stickers.


Fast-rewind to that specific date.

Simplified and improved, the new calendar allows you to go to any date you want more efficiently.